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New puppy or kitten

A personalized touch

Leave your pet in the hands of our trained and compassionate professionals. We are here to provide the 24-hour care they need in a comforting and calming environment.

Welcome the newest member of your family with a focus on their overall health and wellness. Get the information you need and give your young pet a wonderful head start on life.

At Wynne Veterinary Clinic we treat your pet as if they are one of our own with a compassionate approach and extended appointment times.

Are you up-to-date on your yearly exams?

Get the preventative care your pet deserves at your twice-yearly examination.

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Care and procedures

Prescription refills


From surgical procedures to in-house x-rays, we provide a variety of treatments designed just for your pet.

Inquire online for a refill and get your pet's prescription fast. We require doctor's approval and 48-72 hour notification.

We offer safe and complete vaccinations for dogs and cats starting at eight weeks of age.